Batch Bitters

Batch Bitters

Good, honest, Australian-crafted bitters. Our Batch bitters recipes were created using a unique blend of Australian and traditional ingredients. These ingredients are macerated in customised extraction tanks over time to produce the intricate yet balanced flavours and aromas of our Batch Bitters.

Batch #8 Aromatic Bitters (47%ABV / 250mL)

Appearance: Dark brown with a red/pink hue.

Aroma:Complex layers of anise, cinnamon, all spice and clove.

Palate: Strong, intense flavour depth of rich spice and layered herbs with a bittersweet lingering finish.


  • More than twenty-five ingredients including barks, herbs and spices delivering exceptional depth and complexity in flavour. Perfect for enhancing cocktails.
  • Australian made with natural Tasmanian Mountain Berries, Australian Lemon Myrtle and Tasmanian hops.
  • Perfect for the creation of a refreshing Lemon, Lime and Bitters, or added to Ginger Beer for a lingering twist.

Batch #9 Orange Bitters (41%ABV / 250mL)

Appearance: Burnt orange and caramel.

Aroma: Bergamond orange zest and sweet valencia orange jus.

Palate: Cluster of orange flavour's including pith, peel and juice, providing tart-sweet bitterness.


  • A perfect blend of the finest sweet and bitter peels, pith and juice with spice additions and natural ingredients.
  • Australian made including the unique integration of Australian Valencia Oranges and Australian Lemon Myrtle.
  • Excellent for enhancing cocktails, as an addition to desserts and ice-creams, or added to sparkling water for a refreshing orange note.

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